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PERSONALIZED Christmas Stockings CUSTOM EMBROIDERED Name FREE SHIPPING Buy in Sets and SAVE Approx. 19"

$ 13.97

Beautifully embroidered PERSONALIZED classic Christmas stockings for your entire family! AND...by popular demand, we now have PERSONALIZED SANTA HATS (link to order Santa hats below, first section, 4th bullet point)!

Have your your whole family's names custom embroidered on each stocking...even he guinea pig's. Okay, maybe that's just me! ;-)

...and embroidery is INCLUDED in the pricing along with FREE SHIPPING!

** GET 15% OFF! Enter SANTA15 at Checkout! **

Buy one...or, purchase in sets at a discount! 
  • Purchase an individual stocking or in SAVE with SETS of 2, 3, 4 or 5!  
  • Made of classic plush red with a white fluffy cuff.
  • Stocking measures 19" diagonally from the top of the hanging loop to the tip of the toe. 
  • WANT PERSONALIZED SANTA HATS? TO ORDER GO TO (or copy & paste)...  https://treefrogg-apparel.myshopify.com/products/personalized-santa-hats-custom-embroidered-name-free-shipping-buy-in-sets-and-save-approx-17 
Thread Colors/Style
  • Choose RED, GREEN, or GOLD.
  • NOTE: Our GOLD is lighter in color against the white fluffy cuff than our RED and GREEN, which is usually the choice of those who want more of a subtle look. The Gold is definitely pretty, but if you want your name to really stand out, Red or Green may be a consideration.
  • We will use RED, our default thread color, if color choice is not specified within 24 hours after ordering. 
  • We use the script font that is shown in the photos because it embroiders so beautifully on the stockings.
  • If name is OVER 10 CHARACTERS, font size is adjusted accordingly. IF UNSURE, message us first for guidance.
  • Enter the quantity of SETS you want (i.e. enter "1" for one 4-stocking set; enter "2" for two 4-stocking sets, totaling 8 stockings, etc.). 
  • Proceed to Checkout after ordering.
  • When you see the link "For products with CUSTOMIZATION, click HERE," this is where you will list each name AND thread color preference. 
  • Note each name exactly as you want them embroidered. If your name is in ALL CAPS (i.e. JENNIFER), all lowercase (i.e. jennifer), a mixture of upper & lowercase (i.e. Jennifer, jeNNifer, JennifeR, etc.), they will be embroidered EXACTLY as you have sent them to us.
  • To avoid mistakes, please double-check your names BEFORE sending your order.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Please watch your email for the first 24 hours in the event we have questions.
Questions? Email Corporate@TreefroggApparel.comREMEMBER: After adding your stocking (or set/s of stockings) to the cart, look for a link called, "For products with CUSTOMIZATION, click HERE". If you can't find that, send your names AND preferred thread color to customercare@treefroggspecialties.com
Email us at Corporate@TreefroggApparel.com
Questions? Contact us at customercare@treefroggspecialties.com.



From our family to yours!

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