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PERSONALIZED Christmas Stockings CUSTOM EMBROIDERED Name FREE SHIPPING Buy in Sets and SAVE Approx. 19"

$ 15.96

Beautifully embroidered PERSONALIZED classic Christmas stockings for your entire family! 

Have your your whole family's names custom embroidered on each stocking...even he guinea pig's. Okay, maybe that's just me! ;-)

...and embroidery is INCLUDED in the pricing along with FREE SHIPPING!

Buy one...or, purchase in sets at a discount! 

  • Purchase an individual stocking or in SAVE with SETS of 2, 3, 4 or 5!  
  • Made of classic plush red with a white fluffy cuff.
  • Stocking measures 19" diagonally from the top of the hanging loop to the tip of the toe.  
Thread Colors/Style
  • Choose RED, GREEN, or GOLD.
  • NOTE: Our GOLD is lighter in color against the white fluffy cuff than our RED and GREEN, which is usually the choice of those who want more of a subtle look. The Gold is definitely pretty, but if you want your name to really stand out, Red or Green may be a consideration.
  • We will use RED, our default thread color, if color choice is not specified within 24 hours after ordering. 
  • We use the script font that is shown in the photos because it embroiders so beautifully on the stockings.
  • If name is OVER 10 CHARACTERS, font size is adjusted accordingly. IF UNSURE, message us first for guidance.
  • Enter the quantity of SETS you want (i.e. enter "1" for one 4-stocking set; enter "2" for two 4-stocking sets, totaling 8 stockings, etc.). 
  • Proceed to Checkout after ordering.
  • When you see the link "For products with CUSTOMIZATION, click HERE," this is where you will list each name AND thread color preference. 
  • Note each name exactly as you want them embroidered. If your name is in ALL CAPS (i.e. JENNIFER), all lowercase (i.e. jennifer), a mixture of upper & lowercase (i.e. Jennifer, jeNNifer, JennifeR, etc.), they will be embroidered EXACTLY as you have sent them to us.
  • To avoid mistakes, please double-check your names BEFORE sending your order.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Please watch your email for the first 24 hours in the event we have questions.
Questions? Email Corporate@TreefroggApparel.comREMEMBER: After adding your stocking (or set/s of stockings) to the cart, look for a link called, "For products with CUSTOMIZATION, click HERE". If you can't find that, send your names AND preferred thread color to corporate@treefroggspecialties.com
Email us at Corporate@TreefroggApparel.com
Questions? Contact us at corporate@treefroggspecialties.com.



From our family to yours!

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