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ERASE SMELLS from HURRICANE WATER DAMAGE NATURALLY! Charcoal Air Purifier Absorbs Odor, Moisture, Allergens & Bacteria

$ 7.97

Bamboo FreshTM Charcoal Bags ~ Nature's Air Cleanser        ~ New from Treefrogg ~

HURRICANE WATER DAMAGE? Perfect remedy for those musty, moldy smells caused by flooding. The CHARCOAL in the bags PREVENTS future mold, mildew, allergens & bacteria from forming because they ABSORB moisture! It also ELIMINATES odors and harmful pollutants naturally


"Wow! These things really DO work!! ...even against the after-effects of our attic raccoon invasion!" G.C. - Cincinnati, OH

Naturally removes odors, allergens & harmful pollutants in your HOME & CAR! Charcoal prevents mold, mildew, allergens and bacteria because it absorbs excess moisture...that's what makes the odors go away and STAY AWAY!

Keep your home smelling fresh naturally! Chemical-free...toxin-free...fragrance free! COMPLETELY SAFE around CHILDREN & PETS!

ZERO Fragrance ~ ZERO Allergens ~ ZERO Chemicals ~ ZERO Toxins!

This is NOT a mask to cover up odor! It ELIMINATES odor - captures it and locks it in tight leaving NO ODORS behind!

NO sewn-on ugly brand label to take away from your own personal style. 

Larger than the competitor's bags at 200 grams/each!
Our Economy 4-pack contains a total of 800 GRAMS at a price of $5.38/each!
  • USE ANYWHERE YOU WANT FRESHNESS!! Use in the kitchen, refrigerator, freezer, underneath sinks, utility room, near wastebaskets, diaper bags, lockers, gym bags, basement, closet, kids' rooms & play areas, pet areas, car, trunk, wardrobes, attic, shoes, dresser drawers, suitcases, hotel rooms, workspaces...endless possibilities!
  • QUALITY woven linen bag allows airflow to the charcoal, efficiently and completely absorbing unpleasant odors, moisture, allergens and harmful pollutants.
  • 200% MORE ABSORPTION from larger filter particles makes our BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION! AND, at 200 grams each, our bags are larger than our competitor's bags, providing even more absorption power!
  • PREVENTS mold, mildew and bacteria from forming by absorbing excess moisture.
  • NON-TOXIC, FRAGRANCE-FREE, CHEMICAL-FREE...totally safe around children & pets!
  • Charcoal REMOVES ODOR & EXCESS MOISTURE versus covering them with unsafe chemicals.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO FRAGRANCE to mix with your home's natural scent.
  • GROMMETED for easy hanging in closets, on trash cans, litter boxes, etc.
  • REUSABLE up to 2 YEARS, keeping up to a 90 sq. ft. area dry and odor-free!
  • To REUSE, simply place in the sun for an hour, once a month. This allows the charcoal to release impurities it has "captured" back into the outside air.
  • NOTHING GOES TO WASTE! When your charcoal is spent, RECYCLE the charcoal into your garden where it continues to naturally benefit your soil's pH. This increases water absorption, draws toxins out of the soil and promotes beneficial bacteria and fungi to your garden plants, continuing to keep you & your family happy & healthy!
  • PERFECT WHEN TRAVELING to freshen musty-smelling hotel rooms!
  • SAVE MONEY! For pennies a day, you can enjoy CLEAN AIR everywhere versus expensive and smelly chemical sprays and plug-ins!
  • TO ACTIVATE YOUR BAG...remove it from the plastic wrapping it arrived in and put it wherever you need it. It will activate itself automatically! Simple and easy!!
  • FOR FASTER RESULTS, try placing two or three throughout a space which encourages better contact with your home's airflow. After the first 24-48 hours, you'll suddenly realize your odors are gone! 

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